Mi Hermana


I grew up with a sister that sometimes gets on my nerves
But God gave me a sister that i truly deserved

We had our moments as kids with laughter and such
And the way we bonded made me love her so much

Even though we don’t talk as much anymore
I just hope she knows that our sisterly love is more than closing our doors

Whenever we do get the chance to talk to bond
It feels like the moment doesn’t last that long

I know were older and going our separate ways
Just remember you can talk to me on your rainy days

The connection between us will come and go
But all I know is that i still truly love you so

We came to each other when we needed help
And now that we have our own world to live in, we ended up being by ourselves

One day you’ll find yourself in this world
So when you do , just make sure you keep searching for more

Everyone has a talent or specialty within them
You’re not going to find it while you’re with your friends

I’m not saying your friends do do anything for you
But your life isn’t gonna change if you stick around without having a clue on what to do

Become your own motivator
And stick out the middle finger to all the haters

I believe in you even if you don’t
I saw how proud you were of me when i didn’t let go

Give me a reason to be proud of in life
To make every moment last and enjoy the ride

#writing is my drug


Feel the beat


Music isnt just about words that have a muscial beat or sound in the background, it expresses about a person’s life. Yes, it sounds really good and you may know every single word to the song but have you realized that its talking about their lives or someone? Lyrics dont just come to mind from a singer, the lyrics come from the lives they lived or live through every day and that they wanted to sing about it and see how many people can relate or feel their pain…When people say music is their life or when you have a song that knows exactly how you feel or been throught , thats what it means …Music is everything to everyone !

#writing is my drug

You’re not alone


I may not be a therapist or anything but I’m willing to listen to anything that no one has never let you say or cared bout …im not good at talking you out of doing the unthinkable but at least you need to know that you’re thoughts mean something to me even if its just telling me that you’re not happy because knowing that you can talk to me about anything is what makes me appreciate your presence .

#writing is my drug

That’s me !


Andrea Breann Salas is the name
Few may know me and few may not but that’s okay

You may think you know the real me
But the the experiences I’ve been though ,this is what i came out to be

I don’t mean by becoming something just because
I just decided to become something i really love

I’m not here to see if you’re impressed
I do what i do not because i think I’m the best

Growing up i cared what others think of me
As the years went by , I started realizing it didn’t matter to me

Think and care what you want i don’t care
Im being who i am while you’re other thinking life is unfair

Instead of bringing me down with negativity
Start living the dream for you that was meant to be

I may not do bad things or get into trouble
But get to know me and you would think I’m a adorable

Don’t judge a book by its appearance
You don’t know what they’ve been through or know their feelings

I’m the kind of person that you cant find in stores
You may never know i could become yours

If you end up not liking me
Then you’re one less problem to worry about with bad energy

Do me a favor and don’t forget about me
Because one day I will become who i was meant to be

What’s love to you?


Not a lot of people don’t know what love is for many reasons. They may not have experienced the love they needed but instead they’ve been abused,used or back stabbed by their own heart! As someone either tries or officially come into your life , they began to take advantage or become cold hearted because of the people before them made them realize that love doesn’t exist .Its a tragedy to know that you cant give the love to someone who doesn’t want it but desperately needs it at the same time and if you truly love that person you would help them understand and take a stand to convince them that your love is going to be given to them no matter what . Love doesn’t have to be relationship between you or a sufficient other ,it can be a family or friend relationship but there is no need for someone to be unloved just because you gave up on giving the love to them ! The world is filled with people wearing masks and it hard to notice who can and cant give what you need but when you do find someone don’t take advantage of what you have and appreciate it instead because why would you give up a shiny, out of this world diamond that is rare for a curiosity rock that only is useful for one second?
Love Between Two People=infinite
Family Love =bonding
Friendship Love =unbreakable


Let’s be different


We may not be the same.We don’t have the same interests or understand each others likings to things that makes us happy.We tend to show one another what makes us who we are but yet we are confused to why it resembles our personality . Just because we cant bond over the same happiness doesn’t mean we still cant learn about each others interests . To me its boring for two people to like the same thing because nobody cant be unique or extraordinary about their own soul. The best part of knowing someone or learning about a persons life is that you get to travel through their world and find discoveries that lead to many possibilities .You may feel you need to ask or judge on someones interest but why only read the title of a book without opening up to the first page of the chapter? Once the happiness is shown to you  the only thing you can do is realize that this person can just make you fall in love with them even more or make them a part of your life to see more of what they could bring into this world . Accept one another’s true colors and you may never know this person could make a change not only in their own life but yours as well!