That’s me !


Andrea Breann Salas is the name
Few may know me and few may not but that’s okay

You may think you know the real me
But the the experiences I’ve been though ,this is what i came out to be

I don’t mean by becoming something just because
I just decided to become something i really love

I’m not here to see if you’re impressed
I do what i do not because i think I’m the best

Growing up i cared what others think of me
As the years went by , I started realizing it didn’t matter to me

Think and care what you want i don’t care
Im being who i am while you’re other thinking life is unfair

Instead of bringing me down with negativity
Start living the dream for you that was meant to be

I may not do bad things or get into trouble
But get to know me and you would think I’m a adorable

Don’t judge a book by its appearance
You don’t know what they’ve been through or know their feelings

I’m the kind of person that you cant find in stores
You may never know i could become yours

If you end up not liking me
Then you’re one less problem to worry about with bad energy

Do me a favor and don’t forget about me
Because one day I will become who i was meant to be


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