What’s love to you?


Not a lot of people don’t know what love is for many reasons. They may not have experienced the love they needed but instead they’ve been abused,used or back stabbed by their own heart! As someone either tries or officially come into your life , they began to take advantage or become cold hearted because of the people before them made them realize that love doesn’t exist .Its a tragedy to know that you cant give the love to someone who doesn’t want it but desperately needs it at the same time and if you truly love that person you would help them understand and take a stand to convince them that your love is going to be given to them no matter what . Love doesn’t have to be relationship between you or a sufficient other ,it can be a family or friend relationship but there is no need for someone to be unloved just because you gave up on giving the love to them ! The world is filled with people wearing masks and it hard to notice who can and cant give what you need but when you do find someone don’t take advantage of what you have and appreciate it instead because why would you give up a shiny, out of this world diamond that is rare for a curiosity rock that only is useful for one second?
Love Between Two People=infinite
Family Love =bonding
Friendship Love =unbreakable



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