Mi Hermana


I grew up with a sister that sometimes gets on my nerves
But God gave me a sister that i truly deserved

We had our moments as kids with laughter and such
And the way we bonded made me love her so much

Even though we don’t talk as much anymore
I just hope she knows that our sisterly love is more than closing our doors

Whenever we do get the chance to talk to bond
It feels like the moment doesn’t last that long

I know were older and going our separate ways
Just remember you can talk to me on your rainy days

The connection between us will come and go
But all I know is that i still truly love you so

We came to each other when we needed help
And now that we have our own world to live in, we ended up being by ourselves

One day you’ll find yourself in this world
So when you do , just make sure you keep searching for more

Everyone has a talent or specialty within them
You’re not going to find it while you’re with your friends

I’m not saying your friends do do anything for you
But your life isn’t gonna change if you stick around without having a clue on what to do

Become your own motivator
And stick out the middle finger to all the haters

I believe in you even if you don’t
I saw how proud you were of me when i didn’t let go

Give me a reason to be proud of in life
To make every moment last and enjoy the ride

#writing is my drug


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