Whats GOD to you ?

Do you believe in him ? Do you love him ? Has he done anything to make your life change ? Some people hate him and others love him and that’s okay because everyone has their own beliefs to consider what the world is made from and who created us humans.

How can you hate the man who put you in this world to give you a purpose when youre backstabbing him every day . Just because you’re unhappy and blame God for the reasons doesn’t make you a good person . God would never hurt you for no reason and the only way he would hurt you is by helping you grow as a human being and knowing your mistakes in life .

I know you think God is the only explanation to why you’re in a miserable life ,but,have you even considered thinking about the man downstairs  ? The definition of pain,misery,death? Instead of biting the hand that fed you ,think again and next time be more blessed and grateful that God remembered to wake you up every day and gives you what you need !

Let’s stopping breaking God’s heart and start making him smile because now a days the man upstairs is crying for his children and wondering what he did to deserve this . We need to end this hatred and suffering that’s making the world go down and when was the last time us humans greeted one another without being afraid to be killed or be hurt or betrayed?

God didn’t just put a heart in you for decoration ,he wanted more than and he wanted everyone to love one another so he can proud of what he created .   But,right now all his hard work is being destroyed every day and all he can do it hope that someone will make a change !

Heal God’s heart and give him back his children ❤

#late night thoughts


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