Tim Burton

I don’t even know where to begin with this . No words can explain my love for Tim Burton movies and I’m obsessed with the way his artwork comes out from ever movie he makes ! I love the whole dark and mysterious set up and it makes the movie more interesting to watch with out asking questions .

Only a true Burton fan will know all of his movies and is familar with his outstanding achievements . I don’t know how he creates such beauty ,but, that mind of his has plenty to say and he brings out his visions to life!

I’m not sure if everyone knows about Burton’s movies because it seems to me that every time I mention his name people get all sparkly in their eyes and a smile on their faces . I admire Tim’s work and he inspires me to be involved more in creepy and dark movies . I sometimes want to read authors or book who have a unique yet spooky background and I love having a dark and creepy tone in my life !

In other words, I love Tim Burton and I wish him and his wife the elegant Helena Bonham Carter the best and keep making more beautiful and gorgeous artwork in the movies ❤

#late night thoughts


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