Happy Father’s Day ❤

What is a father? Does it have to be a man to be one? A father is someone whose been in your life since day one and knows how to teach you from right or wrong . You can have a brother , friend or even your neighbor that you’ve known for many years as your father, it doesn’t have to be a man to be one it can also be your mom or sister ..I know it sounds weird to think that but its true . I know that if you don’t think that you don’t have a father figure in your life ….look closer and deeper to the people around you and you’ll find what you’re looking for ^.^ . But anyways I just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day to this man right here who I’m gladly to call my Padre!…..Yes i know i wrote this a long time ago but I think there is more to say now and I cant believe I didn’t write better than this ( ashamed of myself) but anyways lets just get started on this shall we? First of all I would just like to say is Happy Fathers Day and I hope that this will make the definition of a father seem more heart warming than last time .As your second oldest , you should probably already know that I’m not the most perfect daughter but what I do know is that we’ve had our ups and downs with each other and times were I didn’t feel like talking to you because i would be so mad at you for punishing me for my wrongings! I know you punish me because you want me to learn from my mistakes and for me to not repeat them , and with my stubborn attitude , those lessons wouldn’t teach me until karma comes around and bites me from not listening to you. You don’t just teach me you also motivate me by doing better and working hard and knowing that if i did work hard for something in life ,I would get a reward out of it . I remember those times where you took my phone away for not getting good grades or telling me to finish my tutorings so I wouldn’t have to go back anymore and get my grades back up ( and that took


awhile for me considering that I had to be in tutoring for 2 weeks but it was worth it ! ) . Long story short I just wanted to say that I am and ALWAYS will  be your Baby or Princess even though at times i give you intentions that i have to repeat myself  of what i am to you .But just remember that just because i don’t give you love or attention the way you want me to , you gotta remember that you have a stubborn daughter and my emotions and feelings don’t work so easily ( I’m not saying i wont love you at all but I will love you the way that I know how and that’s being a surprise! ) . Soo anyways I hope all of this make you smile and feeling better and turns that frown upside down (:  
Love you dad xoxo
❤ Your Princess