The One 

​Is there really a perfect boyfriend?

With the one I have in my life,I’m sure it will last until the end
My heart was broken for awhile

And one day this guy came into my life that always made me smile 
I knew he was different by the way he talked to me 

After a few days of getting to know each other, was it meant to be?
The moment he asked me out,my heart was bumping fast 

I had to think about this question and wonder if this will end up like my past
I said yes and waited for what would come next

And surprisingly ,this guy ended up being the best 
As the more I knew about him,I felt a empty place within

So I knew I had to be the one who he could call his best friend
There’s days were bullshit would occur

But in the end ,he would fix my heart when it was hurt
The moments were he would make smile and heart shine

Become the words that gets locked in my mind 
The love you give me is unexpected 

And i know deep in my heart ill never forget it 
Cant wait to see what our future holds 

And i hope the love i give to you never gets old 
Every time we spent the days together 

I never wanted the day to end and I wanted to be in your arms forever 
A couple of hours aint enough 

We need more hours to give each other love 
What does your heart feel like when were alone?

Is it a special feeling or something unknown?
We’ve been together for a long time 

And sometimes it feels like you’re by my side 
I dream about the day we would meet again 

But will things be the same like they were back then ?
I remember the days we had and i wish we cam relive it 

Because those moments we made were infinite 
Just know when i say i love you i mean it 

Even when you hurt me , i still believe it 
The kisses ,hugs and affection are endless with love 

Just by the way you give it to me, i know its really us 
I fell in love with you even more when you show the cute and blushing moments 

I smile out of nowhere just because it was worth it 
Everything about you is very special to me

I want nothing but the best for you and I hope you will one day be where you wanna be 
Te Amo ❤