Love Kills 

Love can do so many things to the human body . Love can hurt you to the point of giving up on everything in life . Love can heal when you’ve been broken down too many times. Love can make you lose yourself into loving someone who never deserved your heart in the first place.  But what happens when love goes to far ? Others may call it obsession or in some cases stalking . When you find that special someone you can’t help but do whatever it takes to have that person and in the end you either win or lose . Love and Lust can be identified as the same thing but are they? Love is when being called Beautiful when you look like a zombie that’s been dead for years and Lust is being called Beautiful when you’re either naked or looking good. 
Counting the pedals of roses saying “He/She Loves Me,”He/She Loves Me Not” over and over until the last pedal falls and wishing on a shooting star that love doesn’t kill you again.  Love can come with trust issues,insecurities and controlling and because of that no one is strong or wise enough to know love isnt suppose to hurt but only heal.  
Love has its challenges and no one is perfect and if you really love someone,  their imperfections shouldn’t matter and their flaws is what makes you love them more.  
The tears you’ve cried turned into oceans, the anger you’ve let you turned into a volcano, the heart breaks you’ve experienced turned into earthquakes ,the screams you’ve yelled out turned into explosions !