Who are you ?

Can you honestly say you know someone just by knowing their existence? Or is it something more that lies within their soul that is waiting to be found by the unknown ?

They say it takes a couple of years to fully know someone and that’s all you need in order to either marry, connect or even trust. The moment you find who you want to explore life with , you begin to wonder who is this person you’re sharing your everyday life with . The best part about connecting with someone is that you get to have a heart to heart experience with them and the way their eyes lit up from the excitement of expressing their passion or the way their words melt as they are spoken for the first time .

As you see there is a difference between existence and soul experiencing . Don’t say you know someone just by their name, face or as you see their bodies walking around on this earth. We all need to have a time in our lives to fully have a sit down with someone whose begging to spill out their madness of constant bullshit that this world fills their heads with!

The eyes that can’t unsee
The sounds that haunt the the mind
The touch of permanent trauma
The taste of the terrified truth


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