2 Sides 

The moment you open your eyes, all you see is black and white 

Everything and everyone you encountered is hidden in disguise 

Hatred and despair fills the air with horrid destruction 

Words become lies, actions turn into goodbyes while your feelings devour into nothing 

The moment I open my eyes , all I see is colorful skies and a sunrise 

Everything and everyone i encounter is hidden with electric vibes 

Love and happiness fills the air with wonderful laughter 

Hugs became friends, smiles turned into see you again while my heart beats faster 

We only see how we feel,think,and taste.

Close your eyes,open your mind and breathe in the world that escapes your reality♡


Bloody Back

I gave you my word , trust and loyalty as you looked me into my eyes and spoke with your mouths of betrayal. The knife you held against my back went deeper and deeper into my soul as our friendship flew by the years.

Wasting my breath and time on the lies and stupidity thinking everything was okay and no harm with occur upon me . Opposites may attract but the only thing that was opposite about us was your heart and words. I didn’t want to believe in what I was hearing and seeing from your actions as my happiness and my true colors are shown .

The moment where everything was no longer what it was between us , my eyes and soul all had hatred running through my blood when the face of a snake that poisoned it’s venom within my veins. Removing the toxic out of my life released the hazardous chemicals that was killing me and my positive vibes .

My loyalty and love was taken and used for granted and wishing I knew that my back had a million stab wounds with each knife stained with my blood. My body became numb the moment the friendship ended and not being able to trust others again. Afraid to see a weapon in their hand as they would used it upon me.

God has been watching over me the whole time and my guardian angel was protecting me from the demons that was tormenting my life. Mentally and emotionally I didn’t know what to do next but I did know one thing …..
My scars may never heal but my heart will always remain big and full of love !


Who are you ?

Can you honestly say you know someone just by knowing their existence? Or is it something more that lies within their soul that is waiting to be found by the unknown ?

They say it takes a couple of years to fully know someone and that’s all you need in order to either marry, connect or even trust. The moment you find who you want to explore life with , you begin to wonder who is this person you’re sharing your everyday life with . The best part about connecting with someone is that you get to have a heart to heart experience with them and the way their eyes lit up from the excitement of expressing their passion or the way their words melt as they are spoken for the first time .

As you see there is a difference between existence and soul experiencing . Don’t say you know someone just by their name, face or as you see their bodies walking around on this earth. We all need to have a time in our lives to fully have a sit down with someone whose begging to spill out their madness of constant bullshit that this world fills their heads with!

The eyes that can’t unsee
The sounds that haunt the the mind
The touch of permanent trauma
The taste of the terrified truth

Love Kills 

Love can do so many things to the human body . Love can hurt you to the point of giving up on everything in life . Love can heal when you’ve been broken down too many times. Love can make you lose yourself into loving someone who never deserved your heart in the first place.  But what happens when love goes to far ? Others may call it obsession or in some cases stalking . When you find that special someone you can’t help but do whatever it takes to have that person and in the end you either win or lose . Love and Lust can be identified as the same thing but are they? Love is when being called Beautiful when you look like a zombie that’s been dead for years and Lust is being called Beautiful when you’re either naked or looking good. 
Counting the pedals of roses saying “He/She Loves Me,”He/She Loves Me Not” over and over until the last pedal falls and wishing on a shooting star that love doesn’t kill you again.  Love can come with trust issues,insecurities and controlling and because of that no one is strong or wise enough to know love isnt suppose to hurt but only heal.  
Love has its challenges and no one is perfect and if you really love someone,  their imperfections shouldn’t matter and their flaws is what makes you love them more.  
The tears you’ve cried turned into oceans, the anger you’ve let you turned into a volcano, the heart breaks you’ve experienced turned into earthquakes ,the screams you’ve yelled out turned into explosions !

Two Pieces💔

The pain I feel when I’m up late at night is poison 

My eyes are flooded with tears as my body is frozen 
I’m going insane with the thoughts of failure and emptiness inside 
Telling each other our final words and our last goodbyes 
No one could ever love and protect me the way you did 
You brought out the smile in me and the joy of a little kid 
As I’m picking up the pieces and remembering what used to be 
You are no longer in my life and knowing you will never come back to me 
Forever my first love

Always the first I think of ♡

Mother Knows Best 

As I watched my mom cook in the kitchen as I always do and in my mind I know I can 

learn how to cook but my body is afraid that I will make a mistake or burn myself if not handled 

carefully. Cooking on a hot stove with steam rising from the pots and pans made it seem like a 

challenge for me to accomplish this task,but practice makes perfect .The only simplest thing that

was could be made was a grilled cheese and I listened to my mom’s words and followed her 

step by step , surprisingly it was that easy that I was excited to do it again next time . As soon as i got that out of the way, I thought to myself Why was I so afraid to do this ? My mom always has me help her cook and she tells me step by step what to do and every time I 

get shocked on how one day I can do this and I love to spend time with my mom in the kitchen 

when I can . Besides the fact of my mom showing me how to cook and such,my mom in general

taught me the biggest thing in my life and thats how to be happy, My mom makes a good 

examples of being a motherly role model of what I need in order to be a  happy ,independent 

woman and that I can do the impossible and still feel like I’m on the top of the world. Love is the 

most important element in my perspective and I know that my mom defines love as she 

expresses it by showing it through all three of her children and from that I know my destiny is to 

pass on my love to my future life and family. My accomplishments are not done yet and I still 

have more to learn but I know there is one thing my mom taught me to do is that if you put your 

mind to anything you can be successful and as day by day I try to do my best on remembering 

her words for which have been my light through the darkness and i thank my mom for being the 

hand that reached out to me when i was trapped inside my struggles of learning new things . My

mom and I have a bond that is yet to continue on for eternity and everyone out there has that 

one person in their life that leads them into the right direction or shows them on how things work

in a different way and I am ready to plan out my future and show the world what I can achieve .

Its All Worth It In The End ! 

When you enter high school as a freshman , you’re going to feel a little bit 

nervous with a big school filled with hundreds of students and you may feel lost at first 

but once you find some friends or meet new friends , you may just be okay. From  experience from when I was    a freshman I did not know what to expect and having  classes that was going to start my journey of my life . At the beginning of the year until 

the end of the year you are going to mess around and not focus on your school work 

and may or may not pass a class that you hated and end up retaking that class because 

the lack of being lazy and not caring about your assignments . Sophomore year will be 

the next step in high school for which re­taking classes you failed your freshman year or 

a class relatable to it but if it does not click your mind that you need to pass the classes 

sophomore and not retake anything , then you need to get help A.S.A.P. My sophomore 

year  a struggle and it felt like I did not know any of the lessons because I fooled around 

my freshman and I did not bother to pay attention to the lessons but I knew that I 

needed to pay attention at that moment so I can fill in the blanks of what I missed my 

freshman year. The next step in high school is Junior year and this is the 2nd most 

important year of your life because it’s close to the next  year of which is the  ending of 

your journey. If you want you can join any clubs or volunteer and it can be a time to 

remember your Junior year as the time when you met new people and had a the time of 

your life . When I was a junior I would see the Seniors as they were getting prepared for 

their time and I always imagine my time as a Senior and the feelings of graduating high 

school after 4 painful years of struggles and stress. High school is not what you see in 

movies where everyone is friends with each other or no one gets hurt or have the 

feeling of being left out of the crowd, once in your life in high school you will experience 

heartbreaking from your first love , the lost of your best friend(s) or even from not 

belonging to a certain clique. I experienced a lot of hearts breaks and I never 

understood why it had to happen but I did know that I had to move on and find a better 

opportunity for me and I did . The number one goal you need to keep in mind is be 

different ! Being different is not a bad thing it makes you the red rose out of a white rose 

garden and it also represents  on who you really are and showing off your true colors . 

Senior year can’t be defined in any other way besides as the race against time.The 

classes you get for Senior year are nothing compared to what you had from Freshman 

year and hopefully you have learned a lot since Freshman year and now you this time 

you can’t legitimate waste any time at all or fool around . There’s no many things to get 

done in little time and it’s gonna be the challenge that is going to make you rip your hair 

out or go insane but once the time has arrived for you to finally let go all of those years 

of pain, stress and tears of struggling, there is going to be this big weight lifted off of 

your chest that was weighing you down for 4 years and once you get have that diploma 

in your hand , you will scream out to the sky ‘’I DID IT! ‘’. My time is here and so will 

yours don’t regret any mistakes from the start just do it at that moment so you can move  forward with confidence and with power …IT’S ALL WORTH IT IN THE END