The relationship between me and my boyfriend is more than romance . We teach 

other new things and learn new things and surprisingly when it comes to hm being 

around me while I work , I never get distracted and i stay on focus. Our goals in life 

have very high standards of getting an educated life and becoming successful and we 

help each other get to that destination. I know as a relationship you would think that we 

are just a couple of young kids that are in love and have commitments towards each 

other and having a future life together ,but not with us its more of a plan we have and 

we want to accomplish those plans by getting our lives started . Parents would 

sometimes think by having a girlfriend or boyfriend the grades would be dropping and 

not caring about school but its the opposite and our grades increases and if we have a 

bad grade in a class , we motivate each other to get back and keep going. I love being 

in a educated relationship and having a future ahead of us and knowing we can become 

something successful in life for which i know one day we will if we put our minds to it . 

Being supported with one another gives us the ability to have confidence and the 

energy to not give up on ourselves and not think we’re failures in life . I always tell my 

boyfriend he is not a failure and he can do it because he is smart and unique , but it 

takes time for those words to get through his mind until he believes it . When it comes to 

me I can be very stubborn when someone tells me to do something or to believe in 

something that they want me to know and make it brainwash into my mind over and 

over again until I do something about it so I don’t have to deal with it or remember it . In 

other words, being in a relationship isn’t all about lovey dovey moments , it can also be 

times to be serious and get an education for ourselves and become a very successful 

person with a good job or career and possibly a lot of opportunities coming along our 

paths so in theory being in a relationship can be the answer for your problems.


The One 

​Is there really a perfect boyfriend?

With the one I have in my life,I’m sure it will last until the end
My heart was broken for awhile

And one day this guy came into my life that always made me smile 
I knew he was different by the way he talked to me 

After a few days of getting to know each other, was it meant to be?
The moment he asked me out,my heart was bumping fast 

I had to think about this question and wonder if this will end up like my past
I said yes and waited for what would come next

And surprisingly ,this guy ended up being the best 
As the more I knew about him,I felt a empty place within

So I knew I had to be the one who he could call his best friend
There’s days were bullshit would occur

But in the end ,he would fix my heart when it was hurt
The moments were he would make smile and heart shine

Become the words that gets locked in my mind 
The love you give me is unexpected 

And i know deep in my heart ill never forget it 
Cant wait to see what our future holds 

And i hope the love i give to you never gets old 
Every time we spent the days together 

I never wanted the day to end and I wanted to be in your arms forever 
A couple of hours aint enough 

We need more hours to give each other love 
What does your heart feel like when were alone?

Is it a special feeling or something unknown?
We’ve been together for a long time 

And sometimes it feels like you’re by my side 
I dream about the day we would meet again 

But will things be the same like they were back then ?
I remember the days we had and i wish we cam relive it 

Because those moments we made were infinite 
Just know when i say i love you i mean it 

Even when you hurt me , i still believe it 
The kisses ,hugs and affection are endless with love 

Just by the way you give it to me, i know its really us 
I fell in love with you even more when you show the cute and blushing moments 

I smile out of nowhere just because it was worth it 
Everything about you is very special to me

I want nothing but the best for you and I hope you will one day be where you wanna be 
Te Amo ❤

Help me ! 

​Hello My name is Andrea and I seen that you’re a writer and its my dream to become a writer and I was wondering if you can help me out or know someone that can help me out . Its been hard for me to find help and I’m only 19 so I’m not sure where to begin at to making my writer dream come true and I understand if you don’t have the time to help me I just need some professional help to help me get started !

Happy Father’s Day ❤

What is a father? Does it have to be a man to be one? A father is someone whose been in your life since day one and knows how to teach you from right or wrong . You can have a brother , friend or even your neighbor that you’ve known for many years as your father, it doesn’t have to be a man to be one it can also be your mom or sister ..I know it sounds weird to think that but its true . I know that if you don’t think that you don’t have a father figure in your life ….look closer and deeper to the people around you and you’ll find what you’re looking for ^.^ . But anyways I just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day to this man right here who I’m gladly to call my Padre!…..Yes i know i wrote this a long time ago but I think there is more to say now and I cant believe I didn’t write better than this ( ashamed of myself) but anyways lets just get started on this shall we? First of all I would just like to say is Happy Fathers Day and I hope that this will make the definition of a father seem more heart warming than last time .As your second oldest , you should probably already know that I’m not the most perfect daughter but what I do know is that we’ve had our ups and downs with each other and times were I didn’t feel like talking to you because i would be so mad at you for punishing me for my wrongings! I know you punish me because you want me to learn from my mistakes and for me to not repeat them , and with my stubborn attitude , those lessons wouldn’t teach me until karma comes around and bites me from not listening to you. You don’t just teach me you also motivate me by doing better and working hard and knowing that if i did work hard for something in life ,I would get a reward out of it . I remember those times where you took my phone away for not getting good grades or telling me to finish my tutorings so I wouldn’t have to go back anymore and get my grades back up ( and that took


awhile for me considering that I had to be in tutoring for 2 weeks but it was worth it ! ) . Long story short I just wanted to say that I am and ALWAYS will  be your Baby or Princess even though at times i give you intentions that i have to repeat myself  of what i am to you .But just remember that just because i don’t give you love or attention the way you want me to , you gotta remember that you have a stubborn daughter and my emotions and feelings don’t work so easily ( I’m not saying i wont love you at all but I will love you the way that I know how and that’s being a surprise! ) . Soo anyways I hope all of this make you smile and feeling better and turns that frown upside down (:  
Love you dad xoxo
❤ Your Princess

How to Love Yourself 💜

How to Love Yourself:By Andrea Breann Salas

Being disgusted with yourself isn’t going to make you any happier or prettier. Blocking your body from mirrors and picture takings can make yourself more insecure.  Comparing yourself to others and their accomplishments will only make you believe that God gave you no purpose and he just created you to rot in this world. You feel you’re the only human being left on earth who has no reason live or feel better about themselves, but, have you actually considered even trying at all?

Just because you’re not a super model or having a million dollars doesn’t mean you can be just as happy as being the first man to walk on the moon! Silhouetting yourself from the world won’t make you less noticeable. Your features may not show but your soul is just as clear as a blind man getting his sight back. While you’re sitting in your dark room, hiding in the corner and watching others be happy, think to yourself of what the feeling would be like if you were happy and felt alive. You can feel like a magical unicorn that smells like sweetness and cotton candy, you can be the suns twin just by being the brightest soul out there and it blinds people when you show off your smile!

Nothing is ever impossible to achieve if you can physically, mentally and emotionally conquer it. Be that bad ass girl or boy who blows people’s minds by the way you take the pain, hatred and negativity as if it was nothing to you. I promise you when you learn how to swerve and face anything in life or simply just by being happy with the way you are, nobody will be able to knock you down and you will make them regret for ever doubting your feelings.

Look at it this way, would you want to be known for that girl or boy who creeps everyone out and makes them call you ugly for your existence? No one wants to be treated differently just because no one understands them. Judging a book by its cover won’t make you become more intelligent, it will make you become more ignorant and you may never know if you end up like the story little by little but for now, you’ll just assume the title is horrible and since that doesn’t interest you, you’ll just come to the conclusion of a bad work of art. Give that book all your patience and time to fully understand what you’ve been missing and perhaps will make you rethink twice about judging someone’s beauty. Why must we bring each other down when it comes to accepting ourselves to one another with having the fear of hearing the negative words be repeating in your head and believing that the words are true , no one like hearing the song that they hate play in their head over and over again.

I know you didn’t want to be created the way that you are and dreamed about who you were meant to look like or be, but God only created one copy of you for reason and you should be scared of a beautiful piece of artwork. So what if you’re not skinny, smart, athletic or just plain not perfect. What really matters is that you can be smart enough to see through to yourself and agree that you are a living, breathing beautiful soul that and could be having someone looking for you to love you forever. You’ve been bullied for the way you’ve dressed, teased about how you don’t have the prettiest smile, pushed around for not having that perfect summer body ,but the only thing you do have that no one else has is your sweet and gentle personality . Don’t make yourself turn into a bully for getting revenge on other so they can feel your pain, you don’t need to create a bigger fire. The only way you can get revenge is by showing everyone that you can be the happiest person in the world and their awful and explicit words will slowly fade away to where you got to ask them’ ’Is that all you got?’’.

Don’t you think it’s a struggle for you to keep wearing a mask every day to fool others into thinking that you’re happy when you know damn well you’re just making things more complicated for yourself? Your dreams are becoming nightmares and you’re life is starting to look like hell, and it putting a huge weight on your shoulders and testing your strength and winning the battle of insecurity. The devil is a lie and he will make sure that his demons will take over your soul and turn you into a bad, permanently damaged human being! You try and not let your scars show and every scar represent the individual times of being treated like crap for not being perfect. It is never too late to turn your life around and start fresh with a new face and a new lifestyle. If you can’t change your life for others ,then do it for yourself and you’ll be surprised to how strong you are for never giving up for which every time you succeed , God will reward you in life for your hard work.

When it comes to telling someone a few tips and reasons why they should love themselves, sometimes that person doesn’t believe them because words don’t mean anything and it’s all about the actions of their feelings towards the person they love and care about. It’s sad to hear someone say ‘’Words have no effect on me no more , people lied to me and make me look like a fool for trusting them’’. It’s not easy convincing a damaged soul to make them not hurt themselves or want to end their lives and people don’t know the meaning of love when all they’re doing taking their feelings as a joke and pretending to be his/her friend. It’s so easy to say ‘’I am always here for you ‘’ or ‘’ I love you ‘’. us humans are very sensitive towards words that one little word such as ‘’ you’re beautiful ‘’ can change a person’s life for a day ,but since people want to assholes about it and trick them into think they give a crap about them ,makes me sick to stomach to actually believe there is real people like that walking around this earth !

The number one rule of loving yourself is There is only ONE of you is this world. Always remember , the only way you can make yourself happy is by become a better version of your old self and you’ll see the comparison of how much you’ve changed over the years of trying your hardest to let your wings soar. You were once this caterpillar that was searching for its purpose and wondering when will I become a beautiful butterfly so I can show off my beauty to the world, and now you’ve reached your goal into becoming a beautiful butterfly and your majestic beauty will make all other insects be jealous of you and caterpillars wanting to be you and you can finally show them how you can transform yourself into one of nature’s beauties!

We are brainwashed into thinking beauty is all about the outside and not caring about the inside and we judge those who aren’t matching their standards. Beauty on the outside can be fixed and also be destroyed but the beauty on the inside remains untouched and fixed. Of course money is the solution to making you beautiful but money isn’t going to buy that solid gold heart you have inside waiting for people to see through like a magnifying glass! If we lived in a world were souls were judged instead of the what clothes you’re wearing and how well you pull it off ,you would be amazed to see how many souls are walking around with a cold and broken heart and act like nothing is hurting them . The reason why people are mean and causing trouble for others is because they too  are feeling insecure with themselves and they’ve been bullied about it for too long to think the world is such is horrible place and it needs to be taught a lesson.

There is nothing wrong with looking different or acting different, that the beauty of knowing you know who you are. Being an original is better than being a copy and if you think about it the ones that are copying off one another are basically the ugly ones because they don’t know what the definition of being yourself is .Doing what you love and not caring what others think of you is gorgeous and it defines your true colors like painting a landscape of the sunset! Start every morning with a positive mood such as doing a warm up of a little pep talk to yourself in the mirror repeating’ ’I am BEAUTIFUL !’’And to even get yourself a kick start, try to smile at everyone and compliment the day so you can send those good vibes to the world!

The most frustrating part about learning how to love yourself is pointing out what you have and don’t have. You make list of all of your mistakes and begin to insult yourself so it wouldn’t hurt you when someone else would do it to you. Insulting and breaking your own heart isn’t a lovely walk down the yellow brick road, it may hurt now but you’ll start to numb your feelings to where no words can kill you and people will turn it into a game of emotions to fully take the challenge of seeing if you’re really dead inside. I hate the fact that people take other people’s feelings as a joke and play games with it like it’s meant to be funny and harmless. I bet if someone played with their hearts and emotions it wouldn’t be as funny as doing it to someone that less’ ’important’’. I don’t see how a human is less important than compared to any other human being, you can’t compare two of the same species and tell them that they’re different because they don’t have the nicest clothes or the nice shoes. God created us humans to see how well we can manage to have a good heart and learn to live with each other but apparently something broke free and caused chaos into humanity and now there is barely any beauty left in us to where even if we did find someone with a good heart, they would either turn bad or can’t trust anyone that is willing to keep their promise of always accepting their imperfections in their existence.

They say when someone kills themselves because of the world treated them like damn animal, its selfish. How can someone be selfish with their own life when they’ve been trying so hard to be part of the crowd but only get rejected by society standards, the only selfish people out there is YOU! You think you’re so amazing and popular that you only accept those in your life who isn’t a bum or ugly. You only give sympathy when you realize you just tortured an innocent soul who was just trying to be just like you and wanted to know what it would be like to be popular or even a somebody. Why can’t we help other out instead of bringing each other down , we weren’t made to hurt anyone or kill anyone , we weren’t made to make this world a peace and harmless place where no one should be afraid to show their true colors without getting punished for it ! It just sickness me to be a human to know that my own species can be so cruel and evil to their own kind. Animals are nicer to each other, and we can’t even compliment one thing to someone without being lied to about it. 

When you start to cry every day from seeing how ugly you are or hating the way you are, it’s okay to have a bad moment while looking at yourself but it’s not okay to make it a routine where you tell yourself how you were a mistake, nobody wants you or likes you, love is not part of my emotions. You may never know if someone is secretly crushing on you and loves the way you are and wants to be part of your life. You’d be surprised by the fact that you’re actually making someone fall in love with you and it gets you thinking’ ’How can anyone love someone who is UGLY?’’ Even though you don’t love yourself, someone wants to love you for you and believing that miracles do happen, its gets better if you accept this person’s love for you and you will realize that you can learn to love yourself if someone already loves you! Being insecure or just doubting on yourself can come with a good and bad package and what I mean by that is you can be insecure with yourself and be negative your whole life or you can be insecure with yourself and have someone teach you on how to love yourself and perhaps the both of you can love each other just by making one another happy.

I know certain people have to work to get their beauty or some just randomly blossom and get from being the schools loser to the schools hottest girl/guy. It all depends on you to figure out on how you would want to show off your beauty and how you would use it towards others. Don’t be too conceded with yourself but also feel like you’re the red rose out of a white rose garden. Also, don’t ruin your body with plastic surgery and what not just to look good that will only last a couple of years or less, so why waste your money on beauty when you’re true beauty last forever in your heart and no one in the world can’t say your heart is ugly because the one way for your heart to be ugly is being insecure and we don’t want that! Just remember that beauty isn’t materialistic, it’s what the eyes of the beholder can see through you and one by one point out your beautiful flaws that make their world light up like a shining star at night.

Never let anyone tell you how to live your life and then judge every choice you’ve made, it’s not like they’re perfect and never made any mistakes. Mistakes are not always a bad thing, mistakes can be a good thing such as making a different change in your life or learning about something you never knew about. Life is hard but don’t make it too hard and you may never know what you might come across to along the journey, and follow the three steps in order to be happy in life. One, Learn. Two, Live. Three, Love.